Synopsis: Juan, a party guy, has to find a roommate as quickly as possible, because his brother has moved. The person, who takes Juan’s brother’s place is Gabriel, a handsome father. Both Juan and Gabriel happen to be homosexual and a very progressive sexual tension starts emerging between the two.

Marco Berger, the filmmaker of “Plan B” and “Mariposa”, has proved once again, that he is a masterful explorer of gay desire and sensuality. In “The Blond One”, Berger explores how two different sensibilities get closer and how they interact with each other in everyday life, including the woodwork place, where both of them work; the subway, that they take to go and buy some bear; the moments, that they share in front of the TV and etc. Juan has also a girlfriend and also wants “a normal life”.

Hanging out with others.
Juan’s girlfriend.

Juan’s and Gabriel’s relationship is based on mutual infatuation and even more, but is expressed in a secret manner, because the society, in which their infatuation evolves, is not favorable to gay relationships. To communicate with each other they both get involved in a sensual game of eye-contact and body-language, which transforms the film into a story narrated through sensual images expressing inner emotions suppressed by the exterior world. Nevertheless, Juan and Gabriel feel and act dis-harmoniously not only because of the exterior world, but also due to some inner circumstances: these two man have different visions about both what’s happening between them and on how it should evolve further.

“The Blonde One” is a beautiful love game between a playful brunette and a silent blonde, both of whom are charming and simple. They walk hand-in-hand through a sensual and sexual tension, that takes them to different places, leaving one free from a lasting relationship’s weight and pushing the other into the bitterness of rejection.


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