HIV in Russia. A documentary that has 17.000.000 views on YouTube.


Yuri Dud’s documentary sheds light on the sordid reality of HIV drama in Russia. It is in Russian, but has English subtitles.

“You’re sitting at home, you’re a cool guy, everything’s OK for you…you think that this video doesn’t relate to you…you’re making a mistake!”. This is how Yuri Dud’s friend, Denis Godlevskiï, opens the documentary, that has made a storm in Russian society. Denis’ ex wife is HIV positive and Denis was and still is supportive of her. The documentary also focuses on some other individuals and the details they provide about their HIV experiences.

This documentary lasts almost 2 hours. During those 2 hours Yuri uses humor, emotion and some pedagogical approach to explain how it is important to be careful and how important the prevention is. HIV screening, using condoms and not trusting too fast are some subjects that are very well detailed. There are one million HIV positive persons in Russia.

This documentary’s style and perspective happened to be very effective, because 3 weeks after its publication on YouTube, it gained 17.000.000 views and many Russians started to think seriously about this epidemic that has so long been kept in a relative silence. A new wave of reactions, regrets and anger seems to rise up over this highly sensitive subject in Russia.

After this documentary was published on YouTube, internet research on the subject has seen some growth and it goes the same for the number of individuals going to HIV screening centers. Taking into account the fact that it is important to be very well informed and psychologically prepared, this documentary offers a unique perspective and insight into a drama that has been evolving while being ignored.


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