The most recent manifestation of FEMEN took place on Valentine’s Day and they were targeted by the same hate speech and intolerance as usual. Here is their Valentine Day’s Facebook post:

BE MY VALENTINE NOT MY MURDERER! ( francais / anglais) Aujourd’hui 14 février 2020, jour de la Saint-Valentin, 12…

Publiée par FEMEN sur Vendredi 14 février 2020


Today, February 14, 2020, Valentine’s Day, 12 #FEMEN activists were chained and padlocked on the Pont des Amoureux in Paris to show the true face of “patriarchal love”.
Love is often the alibi of violent men to keep their victims under control. It’s a toxic love that is hard to break away from, a love that leads a woman to the morgue every other day.

By this symbolic action, we recall that each woman is a potential victim of misogynistic violence. And more particularly today: there is a resurgence of domestic violence during this “feast of love”.

Since January 1, 2020, 11 women have been murdered by their Partners or Expartners (151 women in 2019).
This is without counting those, who kill themselves by forced suicide, those who are on anti-depressants, those who are isolated from their families and friends, those who think that it “will change” …
It is estimated that 223,000 women are victims of domestic violence each year.

This year, don’t buy us roses, the cherry liquor chocolates and say the candid “I love you”.

This year, take action against domestic violence and feminicides.


How did it all start?

Ukraine, floral wreath and revolution…FEMEN! FEMEN is a movement that started in 2008 in the Ukraine. The manifestations started to fight against sex tourism, violence against women and in general for women’s rights. The group becomes a real citizen opposition power against the dictatorial regime. So, it started against the Ukrainian head of state and against Vladimir Putin in Russia. Then, it evolved to go against the imprisonment and torture of journalists in Belarus. Hence, the movement is both political and feminist.

In the beginning, it worked hard to attract public attention on women’s rights and on the particularities that it has. Hence, they needed feminine aesthetics for their fight and feminine symbols for their manifestations to be able to occupy the media and raise awareness.

FEMEN stands out with its absolute aggressive and oppressive attitude in complete opposition to patriarchy’s project to keep women passive and submissive: their heads are high, no smile, seducing techniques are replaced by determination.

The Ukrainian floral wreath, called vinok, is worn by young unmarried women.

FEMEN’s leader Anna Hutsol dresses a wreath on the head of the other activist preparing to crucify herself in front of Sofia Kievska Church to protest against anti-Ukrainian politics of Moscow Patriarchy headed by Patriarch Kirill who is on official visit to Ukraine 26-28 July 2010.

Topless and determined, the FEMEN women’s body is not there to seduce or to excite men. Their breasts are tools of resistance, emancipation and declare the need to establish a new non-oppressive order that will recognize the equal rights of women and men. It is possible to watch at their breasts, but it is impossible to ignore the slogans written on them requiring equality, respect and recognition of women’s emancipation.

Just as they say it, their God is a woman. Their weapons are bare breasts. All is about sextremism, feminism and atheism, because the world is occupied by men’s economical, cultural and ideological tools. Female body’s freedom is limited by patriarchy’s oppressive rules and dictatorship.

Since 2015, this movement is present in 13 countries or so. They organize meetings and manifestations according to the political situation of their country and the real problems local women have. FEMEN oppose to hierarchical organisations that are violent and authoritarian. They also fight against prostitution, advertisement and any form of activity, where female body is treated like a merchandise. By the way, the FEMEN movement respects religious freedom, but thinks that individuals should not be submitted to dogmas, because religions put women under men’s authority, ban women from wearing what they want, make sexual choices a taboo and so on.

So, there are three important pillars that will allow women to conquer their freedom: education, financial independence and access to their rights, including the right to work and have equal salaries. Apart from being feminist, the FEMEN consider themselves humanists, which means that they reject any form of domination of any group on any group, be it homophobia, sexism, racism, antisemitism, fundamentalism and so on.

The FEMEN are both powerful and provocative, but peaceful. Their claims are not brutal, but society’s reaction to those claims are. All this forms a new emancipating tool, called sextremism.

SEXTREMISM = sex + extremism

Sextremism is a political tool that allows them to verify if democracies function or to measure the level of democracy of a country. It is the female sexuality rebelling against the patriarchy and a female mockery of men’s vulgar extremism. Sextremism is completely non-violent, but has sulfurous effects on patriarchy and destabilizes its ideological foundations.

Every woman is a riot:

Every woman is a riot! Rejoignez-nous

Publiée par FEMEN sur Mardi 5 décembre 2017


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