Where the creative folks go when in Paris? What do they wear? How they dance? Who are they? All the answers are here, at Flash Cocotte party. Imagined by Nizar, Pipi de Frèche, Numéro 6 and Dactylo, Flash Cocotte has been home to queer, creative and fashionable folks. By the way, they are hetero-friendly and one can meet some hetero folks down there. “Les Nuits Fauves”, at “Les Docks – La Cité de la mode et du design“, is where they are situated.

Do not be surprised to meet your college friends, neighbors, teachers and anybody else there: Parisian cool guys choose this place on regular basis. Freedom and sense of belonging to a big and beautiful community are non-stop present there. Kisses and caresses, dancing and shouting, sensual moves and dreamlike music performances…

Take a look at how they do it through these 30 photos:


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