The 2019 Europe Nostra Award in Education, Training and Outreach went to TUMO. The award is given to those who make significant contributions in the areas of conservation, research and dedicated service. On February 19, 2018 at the World Congress on Information Technology conference in Hyderabad, India, TUMO received the “Implementation of the Digital Century” award. So, what TUMO is all about?

TUMO Center for Creative Technologies was established in 2011 in Yerevan, Armenia. TUMO is a new vision on how a person can get educated. TUMO’s educational experience mixes technologies with design to innovate. TUMOians study by doing. At TUMO, teens learn what they want to learn and learning is their choice. TUMO gives them tools to help them to unleash their full potential. Moreover, their path is enriched with workshops, hand-on activities and projects. According to TUMO’s website: “There are four TUMO centers in Armenia — Yerevan, Dilijan, Gyumri, and Stepanakert — and two international centers in Beirut and Paris. More are on the way in Koghb, Masis, and other locations in Armenia and abroad”.

In 2019, TUMO announced some plans about opening TUMO Boxes, mobile and technically equipped centers mini-centers. Boxes are going to be installed in different villages or towns and are meant for local youth. According to their website: “There are around 67,000 TUMO-age students in Armenia and Artsakh, 19,000 of whom currently attend one of our four existing centers. So to ensure that we reach every corner of Armenia and Artsakh and give every teen access to the TUMO program, we need to build a network of 16 TUMO Hubs (Centers) and 25 boxes”.

The TUMO center is a socially engaged local and international tool that transforms worldviews. Here is what their website says: “Teenagers shouldn’t have their futures determined for them based on factors like socioeconomic status and where they happen to grow up. Ultimately, through your contributions we can realize our vision of having a TUMO, whether a Hub or a Box in every single corner of Armenia and Artsakh. Join us and visit for more information”.

Moreover, TUMO Center for Creative Technologies has announced that they are going to open new centers abroad: one in Berlin, one in Moscow and later in Tokyo and in California. In 2018, TUMO Paris was created.

Also, they are working hard to establish the EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Sciences in Yerevan, Armenia. It is going to have a 25.000 square meter space. The center will also host a branch of the French University in Armenia and a School 42.

The center has a very rich and action-packed background. Here are 5 very different people who came to visit TUMOians:

1 “System of A Down” was at TUMO Grand Opening in 2011, Yerevan Armenia

The Grand Opening in 2011

Serj Tankian from the SOAD , aka System of a Down, was there too:)

2 The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel was there in 2018

Angela Merkel at TUMO? Sure! One year after her visit TUMO is opening a center in Berlin!!!See?

3 Kanye West was there in 2015 and TUMOians made a video on that occasion:

Kanye West at TUMO? Yes! Because TUMO is also very cool!!!

4 TUMO is all about creative technologies and hence cinema is part and parcel to it. So, Hollywood George Clooney visited TUMO Yerevan when he was passing by:) See?

Because he is George Clooney!

5 La Bohème…Laaa Bohème…Yes! The No 1 chansonnier of all times, Charles Aznavour, confessed his love to us at TUMO Yerevan.

Guess why? Because TUMO is made by love for those who love and want to learn and create.


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