More and more men take drugs to have sex with men and this practice is becoming more and more widespread.

What is chemsex?

Chemsex, also called “Party and Play” (abbreviated PnP), is the use of drugs to facilitate or enhance sexual practice. It is a subculture of recreational drug users who engage in high-risk sexual practices. It is often a sexual activity that includes more than two sexual partners. 

Here are some of the drugs that individuals practicing chemsex use:

  1. GHB/GBL : have a relaxing effect on partners and can be dangerous if mixed with other drugs and/or alcohol. 
  2. Mephedrone, also called drone, M-Cat, White Magic or meow meow, makes partners feel more affectionate. This drug puts an important pressure on your heart and nervous system. 
  3. Methamphetamine is maybe the most used chemsex drug. It is very addictive and makes users feel highly energised. It can even cause brain damage over time. 

Why are media talking about it so much nowadays?

The PnP is being given more and more media coverage, because many people who engage in it develop more and more health problems and some even die because of it. According to some studies the PnP is more practiced within the gay community than the general population. 

Some gay dating and hook-up applications, like Grindr, have made it easier to find partners or groups of parnters for chemsex. The problem is that many people do not use condoms during chemsex, which means that they are more and more exposed to sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Moreover, the PnP is often a “sex party” and if one of the sexual partners happens to be HIV seropositive, others can be contaminated. Just imagine a chemsex party where nobody used a condom and one of the partners is HIV seropositive. The risk of contamination is very high and any single person practicing this sexual activity should think about protection by using condoms. 

Chemsex in culture.

Chemsex is 2015 British documentary film about gay men engaging in chemsex. This film had a theatrical release. 


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